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Removes all types of resin, grout polymer & epoxy residues from patio paving. Softens the residue left by jointing compounds and grouts, making removal from the surface of the paving much easier.


External Use


A low odour non caustic treatment that softens residues left by jointing compounds and grouts making removal from the surface of natural stone, and porcelain paving much easier.


Directions for use:


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Always test on an inconspicuous area, prior to general application. Preparation: Ensure that the surface to be treated is completely clean and dry. If necessary, first wash surfaces with Pavestone Patio Cleaner. Rinse well with water & leave to dry. Removing Residues: Apply generously by dabbing on with a paint brush. Work in small manageable areas and do not brush out. Leave for up to 30 minutes. Do not allow the solution to dry. If drying should occur within 30 minutes apply a little more solution to keep it wet. Use a stiff short haired brush to remove softened coating from the surface. Repeat the process if unwanted material remains. To finish: Use Pavestone Patio Cleaner diluted 1:10 in warm water. Apply with a light pressure sprayer or scrubbing brush. Agitate the surface using a deck brush or scrubbing brush. Rinse by hosing off thoroughly with clean water.


Coverage per litre: Light Stripping 8-10m� Deep Stripping 5m�


Empty containers are recyclable. Active ingredients are water soluble and inert once cured so therefore not harmful to the environment and ecologically sound

Resin Residue Remover - 1 litre

SKU: 10001275
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