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Natural stone can contain traces iron particles that under certain circumstances, can oxidise causing unsightly brown staining. This is most often triggered in paving when it is cleaned with a generic, acid based cleaner, often a brick acid or cement remover, containing ingredients which excite the iron particles and start an oxidisation process. Pavestone Iron Stain Remover is specifically formulated to assist in removing these blemishes


Interior & Exterior use Acid based stone cleaner, which contains special rust preventing ingredients designed for long term effect. Pavestone Iron Stain Remover alters the rust particles removing rust discolouration caused by iron in the stone or environmental influences. Cement and salt residues are also removed. Suitable for use on acid resistant natural stones including granites and slates. Not suitable for highly polished natural stone as the effect is limited or limestone and marble.


Directions for use:


Preparation: Ensure surface to be treated is completely free from loose dust and dirt before application.


Application: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE Extremely severe cases dilute 1:1 with water Severe cases dilute 1:2 with water Mild cases dilute 1:3 with water Test on a small area before general application. Apply the solution to the surface and spread out evenly. For external applications garden sprayers can be used. For severe cases surfaces should be agitated using a short haired scrubbing brush or black emulsifying pad. After 3-6 hours, rinse with plenty of clean water. If traces remain after a couple of days repeat the process. After treatment the surface should be protected from water. Further treatment: Sealing with an impregnating sealer such as Natural Finish Patio Sealer or Colour Enhancing Stone Sealer will render the surface resistant to water penetration, greatly reducing the possibility of rust discolouration from returning.


Coverage Per Litre Extremely severe cases - approximately 10m� Severe cases - approximately 20m� Mild cases - approximately 30m�

Pavestone Iron Stain Remover - 1 litre

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