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Exterior use Water based Impregnating Sealer For all types of natural stone & concrete paving. Suitable also for smooth honed, rough cut and polished surfaces.


  • Delicately enhances colour.
  • Helps protect against staining.
  • Strongly repels water, oil and grease.
  • Allows surface to breathe.


Directions for use:


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE Always test on an inconspicuous area prior to general application. Ensure surface to be treated is completely clean, dry and free from dirt, grime, cement and grout. If necessary, first wash surfaces with a dilute solution of Pavestone Patio Cleaner 1:10. Rinse well to remove residues and leave to dry (24hrs). Apply generously and evenly using a light pressure sprayer, foam roller or paint brush. On more absorbent surfaces apply further coats at hourly intervals until the surface is fully saturated. On higher porosity materials sufficient sealer should be applied until treated surfaces are fully saturated. Any dried on and over applied sealer can be removed by rubbing with damp micro fibre cloth, or on larger areas with a rotary machine with brushes. If dried on residues are left too long and are difficult to buff away; apply a little soapy water and gently scrub with a scrubbing brush. Rinse and leave to dry. Do not use in temperatures under 5�C or over 25�C.


Coverage m�per coat 5l: Honed surfaces - 150m� Medium porosity surfaces - 75m� High porosity surfaces - 37.5m�

Natural Finish Stone Sealer - 5 litres

SKU: 10001235
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  • Pavestone

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