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A general-purpose peat-free growing medium suitable for a wide range of uses around the garden including potting on, patio gardening, container growing and tree and shrub planting.


Contains balanced slow-release fertilizers Manufactured from top quality conifer bark, coir and green compost Dark brown in colour Consistent, fine and free flowing Sold in 50 litre bags & bulk bags Note: Not suitable for use with ericaceous, lime hating plants such as azaleas and rhododendrons. Under certain conditions a white mould may appear on the compost surface during storage. This is not harmful to either plants or humans.


User Benefits


  • Easy to handle and manage
  • Manufactured from sustainable raw materials and containing no peat
  • Balanced plant nutrients give optimum fertilization for the first four to six weeks in use


How To Use


  • Seed sowing - Use as directed on the seed packet. Please note that due to the relatively coarse structure of Melcourt All-Purpose CompostTM for very fine seed such as begonia or impatiens it may be necessary to sieve or to mix with a finer ingredient such as horticultural sand or fine coir. A rate of 50 / 50 would be suitable. When the seedlings are large enough to handle prick out into fresh Melcourt All-Purpose CompostTM and water thoroughly.


  • Potting On - Ensure that the plant to be potted is thoroughly watered. Choose a pot or container slightly larger than the previous one and fill with Melcourt All Purpose CompostTM. Prepare a hole in the Compost that is large enough to accommodate the item to be potted. Carefully insert the plant so that the Compost is level with the previous compost level. Firm the Compost around the plant and water thoroughly.


  • Supplementary Feeding - Under normal circumstances Melcourt All-Purpose CompostTM contains sufficient nutrients for the first 4 to 6 weeks of growth. After then commence feeding regularlywith a liquid feed. Alternatively mix in controlled release fertilizer granules at the time of potting.


  • Tree and Shrub Planting - ensure that the root ball of the tree or shrub is very well watered. Dig a hole at least twice the size of the rootball. Blend the back fill at a rate of between 3 and 5 parts soil to 1 part Melcourt All-Purpose CompostTM . Place the plant in the hole ensuring that when finished the soil will be at the same level on the trunk it was when the plant was in its container. If a stake is required put it place at this stage. Use the backfill / Compost mix to fill around the root ball. Firm the soil around the trunk. Water well for at least the first season. For optimum growth topdress annually with a balanced fertilizer after the first year

Melcourt All Purpose Peat-Free Compost - 50 Litre Bag

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