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Limestone is an attractive, durable, paving which features a softer riven relief in the surface. Harvest contains warm golden yellows, dappled with pastel tones. Harvest may display natural veining - while they may at first appear to look like cracks these veins do not affect the durability of the slab. Veins are a natural characteristic and a permanent feature of the stone. Veins should be considered part of the beauty of natural stone and not a defect. Limestone paving has sawn edges that can be close jointed and a soft riven face.


Limestone Project Packs contain 48 Slabs (13x 900x600mm 13x 600x600mm 13x 600x290mm 9x 290x290mm)


Overall Approx Coverage 15.28 square metres with standard joints.

Classic Limestone Paving - Harvest

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