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Exterior use Water-based Black Impregnating Sealer For restoring the appearance of all types of faded dark grey and black natural and artificial stone including limestone, marble, slate and concrete pavers.


Directions for use: - SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. - Always experiment on a trial area first to establish optimum results. Wear gloves and ensure that any surfaces not to be treated are covered and protected. - IMPORTANT: This product is a permanent staining solution that will darken the surface of the stone and the grout joints making it very difficult to remove once applied. - Apply a small amount to the surface and spread out evenly using a soft cloth or sealant applicator. For rough cut or textured surfaces apply with foam roller or paint brush. - Allow to absorb and dry. Apply further coats (max. 3) at 2 hourly intervals until desired depth if colour has been achieved. Leave to dry naturally. For honed and smooth surfaces ensure even application and work off any excess sealer using a soft cloth. Do not walk on the surface for at least 4 hours after final application. Allow newly treated surfaces to cure for 24 hours and then rinse with dilute Pavestone Patio Cleaner, this will help cut back any excess sealer. Before allowing traffic gently rub the surface in a few areas with white cloth or paper towel to make sure that it is colourfast.


Coverage per coat: Up to 30 m� per litre


Empty containers are recyclable. Active ingredients are water soluble and inert once cured so therefore not harmful to the environment and ecologically sound.

Black Stone Rejuvenator and Sealer - 5 litres

SKU: 10001270
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