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Lido Plus is one of our most popular selling products in our lawn range. The natural olive tones and soft, lush texture of Lido Plus make it a great choice for several garden projects. The yarn fibre is a profiled C-shape, complete with a reinforced spine which offers excellent performance attributes to help maintain the perfect lawn look.

Perfect for kids and safe and hygienic for your treasured family pets, Lido Plus is a great all-rounder and comes complete with a genuine manufacturer's warranty.


Our products are relatively straight forward to install and any competent builder, contractor, landscaper or DIY enthusiast can fit them by following our handy step by step how to guides here.


There are a number of reasons to make the switch:

  • Long Warranties
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Modern look and lifestyle
  • Blends effortlessly with traditional gardens and established planting beds
  • Perfect for children, dogs and family pets
  • Create an outdoor room - no more muddy footprints - enjoy your outdoor space like a living area
  • Fast draining - even after a rain shower, within minutes it will be dry to go out on again
  • Transform concrete, patio or decking areas - plus our products are low slip
  • Ideal for shaded areas where grass doesn't grow


30mm x 4m x 1m cuts

Artificial Grass Lido Plus

SKU: 18852045
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