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FASTRACK 609 is one of the largest selling general purpose geotextiles in the UK. Designed and manufactured to conform to the old Department of Transport & Highways specification for road and earthworks separation. FASTRACK 609 provides a cost effective solution for separation and filtration for the general building and domestic markets.


Applications for FASTRACK 609:


  • Separating/Strengthening - layer under access roads and areas of hard standing
  • Separation - layers under stone foundations for new buildings
  • Separation - layers under new roads, car parks & industrial areas
  • Separation - granular fill from sub soils and other fill types


The 4.5m width geotextile is factory-folded to produce a roll just 2.25m wide. This fits easily into the back of a van making it ideal for smaller jobs. Once on site, the roll is designed to unfold easily to its full 4.5m width.

Woven Polypropylene Geotextile - 4.5m x 100m FOLDED to fit Transit sized van

SKU: 18851002
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