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Quick connect Hozelock fitting for 12.5mm & 15mm hose, ideal for the tap end of a hosepipe. Twin soft-touch pads make this connector easy to use, even when wet The flexible hose-tail reduces stress at the connection point to help prevent hose kinking, swelling and leaking


  • Connects quickly and securely
  • Connnection Type - Female
  • Hose Diameter - 12.5mm, 15mm
  • Material - Dupont Delrin Acetal, Polypropylene
  • Guarantee Period - 1 Year


Hozelock's Hose End Connector Plus -  A step ahead of the rest. Made from the highest quality materials - DuPont Delrin Acetal, an ultra-tough engineering thermoplastic that bridges the gap between plastic and metals and its unique component assembly points.


Triple locking system - The connection to the tap is guaranteed to stay secure up to 10 bar.


Strong connection - The hose is securely connected thanks to barbs that connect with the inside and outside of the hose.


Soft Touch Pads - Provide a comfortable grip for easy connection/disconnection even when wet.


Eliminates hose kinking, hose swelling and hose leaking at the connection point with the fitting, due to the ingenious flexible hose-tail on the nut. All internal parts are made from ultra-tough engineering plastics for a long leak-free life.

Hozelock 2050 Hose End Connector 1/2 inch

SKU: 29252602
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