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Interior & Exterior use Acid replacement cleaning solution that helps to remove cement, grout and salt residues. Suitable for porcelain and all unpolished natural stone. Does not aggravate or affect naturally occurring iron deposits in natural stones.


Directions for use SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE Always test/practice on an inconspicuous area before proceeding to ensure that the finished result is satisfactory.


For removal of salt / efflorescence residues: - Dilute 1 : 1 with water and apply generously to the surface using a low pressure spray unit or brush. - Allow the product to act for 1 hour and then re-apply. - Leave for a further 12 hours and then wash away surface salts with a dilution of 1 : 5 with water. - Hose off thoroughly with clean water.


For removal of cement and grout residues: - Dilute 1 : 1 with cool water. Apply liberally and spread over surface. - If necessary, agitate with a scrubbing brush or deck brush and leave to react for 5-10 minutes. Keep surfaces wet with additional Cement & Grout Residue Remover solution whilst scrubbing. - Hose off thoroughly with clean water.


Coverage per litre: Approximately 5-25m� Active ingredients are water soluble and inert once cured so therefore not harmful to the environment and ecologically sound. Not suitable for use on highly polished marble, travertine or limestone. Any contaminated surface should be rinsed off immediately with plenty of clean water. Mask and protect any surface not to be cleaned.

Cement & Grout Residue Remover - 1 litre

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